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Joel M Villalta


Forestal is a group of 4 farms (San Sebastián, Los Pinos, Santa María and La Esmeralda) and a roasting business owned by Francisco Serrano in Santander, a Northern department of Colombia in the Andes mountains. Our organic farms are inspired by coffee’s original ecosystem with dense tree coverage and preservation of biodiversity.

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We preserve natural woodland areas to protect wildlife, acting as a home to hundreds of endemic and migratory birds of the region. All of our coffees are manually picked by capable workers in a way that ensures they have constant employment throughout the whole season. We also enrol our permanent members of staff in a membership scheme, paying them bonuses every end of the year, and support smaller producers from our region on achieving sustainable development. We grow, roast and brew many different varietals of coffee, from the traditional Castillo to Pink Bourbon and La Esmeralda is a dedicated Gesha farm. Message us here and speak to me, Joel, the manager!


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