Finca Hoyo Frio

Colombia Coffee grower

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Félix Alberto Torres Morantes


Hola! My name is Felix and I'm 29 years old.

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I currently help my father, also Felix, and uncle Ales on promoting and exporting the coffees from their farm Hoyo Frio. They are both really involved in the day to day work at the farm - my father always joins the pickers because he really enjoys it - so I take care of some of the admin. Our farm sits in the mountains between Curiti and San Gil in Santander, Colombia, at around 1900 m above sea level. All our coffees are shade-grown and mature slowly. We are working on honey processing and improving the production of micro-lots that we wish to keep exporting directly to buyers. We also want to help our local community and promote Santander as one of the best coffee producing areas in the country.


Rainforest Alliance UTZ Certified 4C


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