Finca El Sauce

Colombia Coffee grower

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Hilda Mejia


When my husband Alvaro was little he lived in Tolima. Life was tough, but the coffee farms were always good places to live in and work.

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They had water, sanitary sewers and light. Farmers had status. This had such an impact on Alvaro on his childhood that he decided that one day he would be a coffee farmer too. Granja El Sauce is a dream come true for him and also for me. Alvaro grew up to be an agronomist and I worked as a systems engineer. We lived in San Gil for most of our adult life but wanted to move to the countryside to be close to nature. We run El Sauce as a fully organic farm and have been certified for years, even at times when the premiums were not that good. We believe it is important to take good care of our surroundings and adopt an ecological and sustainable approach. Recently we have been changing our post-harvest processing protocols to improve the cup quality of our coffees. We try to help our neighbours, all coffee farmers, towards a more ethical style of farming.



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