Glanmalure Farm

Tanzania Coffee grower

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Glanmalure Special - Kent Honey (Lot OT94 Honey AB)
Glanmalure Special SL28 FW (Lot OT87 Ndege AA)
Glanmalure Special - Karibu Lot AA
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Glanmalure Special - Maji Lot AA/AB
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Glanmalure Special - Kent Honey (Lot OT94 Honey Gr AA)
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Glanmalure Special - Kent Honey (Lot OT63 Honey AB)
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Vera Stücker


Glanmalure is a small specialty coffee farm near Ngila Estate Ltd in Northern Tanzania. We sit on the slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater.

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The farm has grown coffee for around 100 years in an altitude from 1600 to 1650 masl. We grow traditional varietals like Kent, Bourbons and SL28 and also new ones like Batian, Gesha and Pacamara. Our coffees grow under the shade of native trees and we are keeping about 80 ha of preserved original rainforest next to the plantation, going up to more than 1800 m high. This forest is connected to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and to the Serengeti plains. Our pesticides program based now for more than 5 years on natural measurements. We are using natural insecticides, like Neem extract. We work with compost but also with mineral fertilizers. We do traditional fully washed coffees with a water-saving Colombian eco-pulper. We use only 1 litre of water to pulp 1 ton of cherries. We also do honey processed coffees, naturals and carbonic maceration lot


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