Joining the community

Joining the algrano community is a simple process and free for everyone. For growers, this means that you can start to offer your coffee immediately for no charge. Roasters can also join for free and may start to request samples straightaway. Please see the question 'shipping costs for samples' for more information.
Yes, members can communicate with each other once as they have joined the algrano community. Every time a message is sent, the recipient will be notified by email. A roaster can start a conversation with any producer while a producer may only start a conversation with one of his or her buyers.
The general rule is that everyone can see updates from growers, and followers are notified about these updates. Roaster updates are only shown to their followers and producers.
Everyone is welcome to join and is encouraged to be an active member of the algrano community. It only takes a matter of seconds to create an account and start building your profile so that you can request samples from growers - or offer your green coffee to roasters.

Selling coffee

Yes, but it all depends on the quantity you want to offer or if you are in a country where algrano has not yet established a partnership with an exporter. If this is the case, you can use your own exporting licence to export directly - but we kindly ask that you contact us in the first instance to arrange this.
Joining the algrano community and offering your coffee on the platform is completely free as long as you reserve your coffee to the algrano community exclusively for a minimum period of six weeks. Once you have sold your coffee, we will only then add our service fee on the price of the coffee sold - which is transparently shown in the breakdown of costs in the checkout. This fee is paid by the roaster who buys your coffee.
No, in countries where algrano has established a partnership with an exporter, you will be directed towards our preferred partner. Samples will be sent to them directly where the quality will be assessed before they publish details of the lot on the platform.
We pay the exporter against the shipping documents, who then pays the producer. This is paid when the green coffee is safely on board and on its way by sea to the port of landing. This happens usually three weeks after the coffee is shipped.
As a producer, you decide the price you want to sell your coffees for on the algrano platform. We may give you some recommendations on the competitiveness of your price but, ultimately, it is your decision.
Please let us know immediately as we may be able to assist in helping you to find an exporter in your country.
If you would like to sell your coffee through algrano, there is one important obligation that we ask of you. This means that you secure your coffee on the platform and do not sell it elsewhere while it is available online. This is usually for at least a minimum duration of six weeks.
A seller on algrano can be either a producer or a cooperative of producers. Exporters or brokers work as service providers, helping growers present and sell their coffee to the community.
We request that growers send 2.5kg samples for two reasons:
  • A certified Q-grader will cup and evaluate the quality of your coffee, and
  • We will send 200g samples of green beans to ten roasters

This way, we can maximise the chance of selling your coffee through algrano.

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