Yes, the first three samples are free for European professional roasters. That's on us!

Samples exchanges are at the core of our model. That means we ship a lot of samples and it has a cost for the producers! So we ask roasters to pay for the shipping and handling of samples (around 20USD for 3 samples). But hey, you can get a full refund if:

  • you review the samples online and
  • you buy at least one bag of any of the coffees sampled.
Growers are keen to receive feedbacks about samples they send. At algrano we believe that to better understand roasters’ needs, growers should know what you liked in their coffee. In addition, other may also benefit from your feedback - and vice versa!
You can order as many as you want but we ask you to only order samples of coffees you are really interested in. From each coffee lot, we have a limited quantity of samples available. Growers send us the samples and this has a cost for them.
The coffees offered on algrano are all exclusive coffees - such are the samples. The charge you pay is especially to cover shipping costs, USD 20.00 for 3 samples, USD 40.00 for 4 samples. In some cases we offer free samples: - for any roaster in Europe who signed up the first 3 samples are free - for any buyers 3 samples per container are free We want to incentivize the conversation about coffee, therefore we refund you the costs when you provide the farmer a review of your cupping experience and buy the respective coffee on algrano.
It's super simple, like buying a book on Amazon! Just add the desired amount of bags to your shopping cart. You'll be able to customize your order, such as decide wether you will pick the coffee at the warehouse in Germany or if you want it delivered until your doorstep. The price will vary accordingly. Once you have configured your order, just click on the blue button and you'll go through the check-out. That's it.
After you placed your order, it usually takes 3-5 business days for your samples to be delivered to your address.
One sample contains about 200g of green coffee.

Buying Coffee

You choose. If you are able to organize the shipping yourself and pay the coffee at the date of your order, we encourage you to buy FOB, i.e. in the port of origin directly from the exporting partner. However, if you wish that algrano organizes the shipping and import for you, we will be your unique counterpart.

algrano’s mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to source the coffee you want, straight from the country of origin.

Start by browsing the coffees that are currently offered by growers.

You found a coffee you want to buy? With a few clicks, order a sample, cup and share your opinion with the grower. No worries, the platform will translate your opinion in his language.

You like it? Buy 1 bag, several bags or the entire lot.

You did not find what you were looking for? Let us know by filling a short form, where you can tell us what you are trying to find. We will share your need anonymously with growers. algrano will collect the offers from the growers and come back to you with a consolidated offer and samples, if wished.

Yes. The following certifications are presented on algrano: Fairtrade, C.A.F.E. practices, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, 4C, Organic, Bird Friendly.
If the coffee has not yet left the country of origin, we may be able to agree with the grower to cancel your order. If we are successful, we are able to reimburse you the full amount minus the prepayment and algrano service fee. If we are not successful or the coffee has already left the country of origin we can't do anything, except encouraging you to looking forward to receiving great beans!
Costs for road transport are based on the quantity of bags and the city/country they have to be delivered to. We suggest you put the coffee in the shopping cart and add road transport to see the full price break down with the transport costs.
For micro lots (under 50 bags) we can only accept US Dollars. For more than 50 bags, we can send you an offer in other currencies as well. Please contact us: hello@algrano.com.
algrano is an open community where roaster and producer both have access to the price breakdown. Producers know how much you pay for their coffee, how much exporters perceive for their services and what premium goes straight from you to them. And of course, you have access to the same information. Transparency goes in both ways.

algrano developed a quality assurance model based on the following principles:

  • Due diligence: algrano carefully chooses the partners that will provide exportation services. Focus is put on experience, reputation, service quality and transparency.
  • Freshness: only new crop coffees are listed on algrano.
  • Weight and moisture control: moisture and weight are measured at each stages of the shipping.
  • Samples: to track quality of the coffee during the ordering and transport, algrano collects the following samples:
    • Pre-shipment sample: the sample that you receive when you order on algrano. If you like this sample, we guarantee that you will get a lot with the same quality.
    • Control sample: taken at the same time as the pre-shipment sample by the exporter and stored by the exporter.
    • Independent third party sample: This sample is only taken if you feel that the quality of the coffee you ordered is not equal to the quality of the stock lot sample.
Freight on Board or Free on Board prices include all production and handling costs at origin. More precisely: the price paid to the producer, the specialty (or quality) premium, milling, bagging, road transport at origin, exporting fees, quality assurance. In other words, all the costs from the tree until your coffee bags are loaded on the ship in the port of origin.
A producer who sells on algrano gets on average 66% of the price you pay. The rest is used for marine and road transport, insurance, exporting and the algrano service fee. You can see what the grower will get when you add a coffee lot to your shopping cart.
For coffee lots, we accept bank transfert only. The complete amount will be invoiced by email and has to be paid within 10 days after ordering. We may provide a credit line for buyers in the future, but currently the coffee has to be paid before being shipped. The coffee's currency is US Dollars. We may accept other currencies in the future. Samples have to be paid by credit cards. VISA and Master Cards are accepted.
During the ten days algrano reserves your order. Nobody else can buy your bags. After ten days the order is cancelled and your bags get automatically back online. This helps the producers to maximize their sales. If there was an error and you still want the coffee please contact us immediately. If you don’t get in contact, you will not receive your coffee and we will not be able to reimburse your pre-payment.
No, there is no minimum. algrano believes that no matter the size of your business, you should be able to buy at the origin. The minimum amount is one bag of 60kg or 69kg - depending on the origin of the coffee. If a grower requests a minimum order quantity for his coffee lot, you will find this information in the details of the respective lot.
An ideal moisture level for coffees being exported lies between 11-12%. At algrano, moisture level is controlled before the coffee is prepared and when the coffee is shipped at the origin.
Defects is the number of full defects present in a 300g sample, following the Brazil or New York methodology. Read more here
algrano encourages you to do so. The beauty of coffee comes with its diversity.

For orders above 50 bags we are happy to offer you a credit line for the duration of transport and warehousing. Please ask for an offer directly on the platform or per email: hello@algrnao.com.

algrano pays the grower at the moment the coffee is loaded on the ship. In coffee trade it is called cash against documents. algrano collects the payments of all roasters shipping their coffees together in one container. For micro lots we can't provide credit line, this is why we ask you to pay your coffee at the moment of ordering.

A lot can only be listed on algrano if a Q-Grader cupped and evaluated the coffee following the SCAA cupping protocol. He has the same sample from the same lot as you will receive to decide whether you want to buy or not. This ensures that the sample and coffee lot you will get corresponds to the description available on algrano. Names of the cuppers are available for each coffee lot.

And there is more: we kindly ask roasters who order samples to write a review about the coffee. Coffee is discussion.

From 50 bags, we can finance the coffee for you for up to 12 months. In this case, you will contract for 50 bags but will gradually pay, when you use the coffee. Please contact us for further details and an offer.
Road transport at destination is the main driver of shipping costs. Shipping companies are charging per palette, carrying one to ten bags. To minimize shipping costs per kilogram, we encourage you to buy in increments of ten bags. If you can't do so, check with a roastery in your neighbourhood to place an order together.
Screen size is the size of the beans. On algrano, for each lot, growers are asked to provide the percentage of each beans size.
The community is free. algrano costs only the day you buy coffee on algrano. This cost is transparently shown and labelled as algrano service fee.
algrano believes that quality needs to be rewarded. On all coffees sold on algrano growers received a premium above the market price. If you feel the coffee you are buying is worth more, you can add your own premium during the check-out that will entirely go to the grower.
You buy the coffee subject to approval of a pre-shipment sample. When you order the coffee you agree to the quality of the sample that you cupped or in case you did not order a sample, you renounce to the right of approval. With ordering coffee, you approve the quality, decide about quantity, price, delivery and payment terms. The total value of your order has to be paid to algrano, who as a commission agent will ship the coffee, pay the supplier and organize all the services you ordered.
In the traditional trade a grower sells its coffee to a local trader, who sells the coffee to another trader, who sells the coffee to the roaster. At algrano we believe that all steps between the grower and the roaster are services and that traders do not need to take possession of the coffee. Hence, at algrano we identified mills, banks and freight forwarders who offer the services the grower or you need to make sure that the coffee arrives at your door step.
Every roaster can buy coffee on algrano. European roasters can have the coffee delivered to their business or pick it in the warehouse in Bremen. Roasters located outside of Europe can also place orders and get the coffee shipped to Bremen for micro lots.


The use of the platform is free for everybody. Offering coffee on the platform is free for any grower, ordering samples is free to a certain extend (refer to shipping costs for samples). When ordering coffee, you will be charged per service and all costs will be shown transparently in your shopping cart.
Yes it is possible for any roaster to start a conversation with any coffee grower. Locate the message button on the profile of a farm and just start the conversation. Every time a message is sent, the recipient will be notified per email.
Anyone scrolling through your profile can see your posts. Your followers will get notified if you post an update.
Everybody is welcome on algrano to take part to the community. It takes literally 5 seconds to create your account and access the possibility to order samples and coffee or offer your production.

Selling coffee

Yes, but It all depends on the quantity you want to offer or if you are in a country where algrano has not yet established a partnership with an exporter. If this is the case, you can use your own exporting licence to export directly - but we ask that you contact us in the first instance to arrange this.
Joining the algrano community and offering your coffee on the platform is completely free. algrano transparently adds its service fee on the price of the coffee sold. This fee is paid by the roaster who buys your coffee.
No. In countries where algrano has established a partnership with an exporter, you will be directed towards our preferred partner. Samples will be sent to them directly where the quality is assessed before they publish details of the lot on the platform.
algrano pays the exporter who pays the growers. We pay the exporter against the shipping documents. This is when the coffees are safely on board and on their way by sea to the port of landing. So growers are paid by the exporter, usually 3 weeks after their coffee is shipped.
As a grower, you decide the price you want to sell your coffees for on the platform. We may give you some recommendations on the competitiveness of your price but, ultimately, it is your decision.
Please let us know immediately as we may be able to assist in helping you to find an exporter in your country.
There is one important requirement for you as a grower; we ask that you secure your coffee and do not sell it outside of the platform while it is available online (e.g. this is for a minimum duration of six weeks).
A seller on algrano is either grower or a cooperative. Exporters or brokers work as service providers in the algrano model, helping growers present and sell their coffees on algrano.

We request that growers send 2.5 kg samples for two reasons:

  1. a certified Q-grader will cup and evaluate the quality, and
  2. algrano will send 200g samples to ten roasters.

This way, we can maximise the chance of selling your coffee on algrano.


If algrano organizes for you the import, the coffee is insured during transport and warehousing against all risks of force majeure.
Yes, if we do have a container leaving the origin you bought your coffee from. Please contact us such that we can discuss the details.
algrano is a commission agent. A commission agent makes sure that all the services between you and the grower are provided correctly and efficiently. Therefore, we identified mills, banks and freight forwarders who offer the services the grower or you need to make sure that the coffee arrives at your door step.
  1. We inform the warehouse about your contact and billing address and you about the contact person at the warehouse.
  2. You get in contact with your transporter.
  3. You have to pick up the coffee latest one month after arrival in the warehouse.
  4. You inform the warehouse about the exact date of pick up and if it is not you, but for instance a trucking company, who picks up the coffee, you also have to mention it to the warehouse.
  5. You send us the completed "Arrival form" which you received from us when you ordered coffee on the platform. This important document has to be saved for any inspection through authorities.
Trusted logistic partners play a key role for algrano's quality management. Therefore we would like to know you and your processes in order to establish a partnership. Please get in contact with us per e-mail.
For shipments to Hungary the rules of the new goods declaration system EKAER apply. This system aims at the mitigation of VAT fraud and obliges the buyer in Hungary to pre-declare to goods to the authorities and apply for a corresponding EKAER number. As this significantly complicates the delivery procedure, buyers from Hungary will have to organize the transport from Bremen, Germany, on their own.
If you would like to buy FOB and organize trade finance, transport insurances and logistics from FOB to your roastery on your own, we are happy to let you import the green coffee beans yourself. Please contact us such that we can discuss the details.
Although it is unlikely to happen, mistakes happen. In that case algrano will inform you immediately and discuss the next steps. Possible solutions are: Full refund of your payments (including the algrano service fee) or supply of another coffee of at least the same quality.
You choose under which terms you buy the coffee. If you buy FOB you have to organize the shipping to Europe on your own. If you buy ex-warehouse, you only have to organize the road transport to your roastery. If you pick the option road transport as well, you get the full service package and you have to organize nothing at all. In this last case, algrano is your commission agent. We insure your coffee while it is travelling and manage the quality during the shipping and communicate you the expected arrival date at your roastery was well as any expected delays.

algrano systematically asks its partners to measure moisture and weight at departure and arrival. This objective quality measures help us to track where a possible reduction in quality occurred. In such a case algrano will be able to support you in your quest for reimbursement and take action against our partners.

Following the European Contract of Coffee, you have 21 days to complain about the quality, after the coffee has arrived in the port of destination. We will do our best that the coffee arrives immediately after landing at your roastery to leave you a maximum of time to evaluate quality. If this is not the case, our partners at destination can provide samples.

If you taste any subjective difference in quality between your pre-shipment sample and the coffee you received, please send us immediately a message and a sample. This sample will be compared to the two control samples taken at origin and port of destination. If our independent evaluation concludes on a quality issue as well, we will be able to start an arbitration process if needed and agree with the producer on substitution of the coffee, price reduction or financial compensation.

After having ordered coffee on algrano, you will receive the contract, the invoice, a document with instructions and an arrival form. This arrival form needs to be completed after you've received the coffee and sent back to us. It serves as proof of delivery for you and us in case of a tax audit.
For German roasters the coffee is already imported and VAT is paid. Swiss roasters, who order the coffee with road transport, the coffee is already imported and VAT is paid. Roasters of all other countries as well as roasters from Switzerland who organize the road transport from the port to the roastery themselves are responsible to pay import and VAT taxes on their behalf.


The analytics show all your previous releases per coffee lot and how the inventory of your coffee will behave if you continue similarly with the releases. Moreover, the calculations indicate the estimated end of your stock in the warehouse.

The transporter always has to be booked through you as roaster. If you schedule a release, we will automatically create the respective transport order for you, which you only will have to forward to your transporter.
This transport order will contain all needed information about the pick up of your coffee such as:

  • date and time
  • where to pick it up (adress of the warehouse)
  • what to pick up (which coffee, amont of bags)

By scheduling a release on the platform, you will be asked for some information about the transporter. With this information we release the coffee at the warehouse, so that it will be ready for your transporter to pick up.

For orders above 50 bags, you can order warehousing during the check out process. If you like a very special micro lot so much, but can't store it at your premisses, please contact a third party warehouse in your region for quotes on warehousing.
We work with various warehouses in Europe. When configuring your order, if you have more than 50 bags from the same lot in your shopping cart, you will have the option to have it stored in a warehouse of your choice. Please contact us if you don't see a warehouse of your country. We will calculate the price for warehousing straight in the shopping cart based on your warehouse usage (warehousing duration, volume needed and amount of releases). Once you placed your order, you will have access to a virtual warehouse where you can manage releases, see your usage, access your invoices and much more.
We can offer warehousing for orders of more than 50 bags. Please contact us for further information.
Ordering coffee from the warehouse is done in few clicks online. Log-in on algrano, in your user menu click on "my warehouse" and select the coffee lot you want. Then just click on "schedule a release" and follow the 2 steps. Few minutes later, you will receive an email containing the invoice and a PDF you can share with your transporter to make sure he gets all correct information. Please note: your transporter can pick up the coffee not earlier than 2 days after scheduling the release.
Prices differ by country. However, algrano is fully transparent and shares all costs with you, once you consider to order a coffee.
As soon as you schedule a release on the platform you will be invoiced for the amount of bags you released, payable within 30 days. Go to "releases history" in "my warehouse" to find all the invoices of your previous releases.
The coffee you ordered is reserved for you. However, it belongs to algrano until you pick it up at the warehouse. Only like this we are able to insure the coffee and pay the producer already when he delivered the coffee.
Because the coffee is still in our hands, we will inform the warehouse about the pick up and give the approval for this release. Your part is to order a transporter and provide him with the needed information. The easiest way to do this is by forwarding the PDF transport order which will be created automatically if you schedule a release.

You need more support?

Contact us