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New approaches in storytelling for coffee producers

A roundtable to discuss fresh ideas and best practices across the specialty coffee industry. November 18th, 4 PM CET

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Storytelling is baked into specialty coffee and stories are one of our industry’s raw materials. They are first developed in producing countries and, like green beans, transformed by roasters to capture the attention of coffee drinkers all over the globe. To learn about storytelling in coffee, join Algrano and Cropster on the second episode of a joint webinar series this November 18th at 4 PM CET

Though the consuming end of the chain has been the one putting the most focus on storytelling, there is a twist to this webinar’s plot. Instead of discussing the importance of stories to the end consumer, we’ll talk about storytelling from the producer's perspective. 

How can coffee producers best use storytelling and go beyond marketing? Should they be concerned about it at all or just focus on quality? What can farmers and co-ops share with the market to increase awareness about their coffees and find new buyers? How can producers own their narratives and make sure that their stories are being told correctly?

These are some of the questions Algrano and Cropster will debate in this discussion with two exciting guests: Aquiares Estate in Costa Rica and Kaffemacher in Switzerland. Spoiler alert: we all have different opinions and this promises to be a lively debate! 

Aquiares will share how they managed to add value to their coffee through stories and compare how different roasters have represented the estate over time. Kaffemacher will talk about the culture of copy and paste, going beyond the Indiana Jones approach and proposing a more collaborative solution.

This webinar is aimed at coffee producers but roasters and baristas are welcome to join! The event will be held in English with simultaneous translation to Spanish. RSVP below to secure a spot!

Save the date: 18.11.2021, 4 PM CET 

Meet the hosts

Diego Robelo - Aquiares Estate, Costa Rica

A coffee professional with deep roots in Costa Rica’s Aquiares Estate, Diego has developed an 11-year career exploring the Specialty Coffee value chain and driving innovation within his family business. 

  • Current general manager at Aquiares Estate, since 2017
  • Board member of Costa Rica’s Agriculture Chamber & Coffee Producer’s Chamber
  • Coordinator of the Labor Affairs Council within the Agriculture Chamber
  • Led Aquiares to become Costa Rica’s first Carbon Neutral farm
  • While doing an MBA in Barcelona (2016), Diego imported and distributed his coffee around Europe, an experience that marked a before/after in his understanding of the coffee supply chain
  • Avid supporter of Shade Grown Agroforestry practices and practical research for new coffee varietals

More about Aquiares

Philipp Schallberger - Kaffeemacher, Switzerland

Philipp is a coffee roaster, buyer, consultant, Q-Grader and an enthusiast of good wines and oat-based drinks at Kaffeemacher in Basel, Switzerland. He has been working in the coffee industry since 2006 when he got a job as a barista in a small Swiss town. Before Kaffeemacher, Philipp worked with coffee in development/foundation context, in sensory and quality in a large scale roastery. His most memorable experience in coffee has been to eat a "freshly slaughtered goat in Kenya with the hosts". Kaffemacher has a lab and education centre in Münchenstein and runs an extensive curriculum of SCA courses for the local community. The roastery is also co-owner of a small coffee farm called Santa Rita in the North of Nicaragua.

About Kaffeemacher

James Faria - Cropster, United States

James Faria has been the Regional Sales Manager for Latin America at Cropster for the past 5 years. James works with producers, importers, exporters and roasteries across Latin America; helping them find solutions for their companies' pain points when it comes to dealing with data. He works with companies of various scales helping them find the technological solutions for their business.

Visit Cropster

Luiza Furquim - Algrano, United Kingdom

Algrano's new Head of Content and former Sourcing Manager, Luiza is behind Algrano's educational platforms such as the blog, resources page, virtual events, quality competitions, and origin trips. With a background in journalism and as a specialty roaster in the UK, she has always been driven to find new ways to tell the stories of coffee producers. In 2020, Luiza became a mentor in storytelling at Grounds for Empowerment. She is passionate about giving farmers the tools to own their narrative and to have more negotiation power in the industry. 

About Algrano

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