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Algrano Report - 2021 EU Roaster Trends

Providing market knowledge to the origin

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About the Research

At the end of 2020 Algrano conducted a market research with European roasters in 15 different countries to learn about their plans for the future and predict the key trends for green coffee in 2021. We partnered with an independent coffee consultant, Stuart Ritson to interview European roasters and make predictions on the areas of growth in 2021.

Historically, only roasters had access to information from the origin. Producers rarely knew about the ins and outs of the market. Finally, in 2021, it seems like the coffee industry is ready to give back and take this issue to the mainstream!

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What you will learn from the report

  • Key factors influincing roaster purchase behaviour
  • The areas of greatest potential for investment by coffee producers and exporters
  • Communication trends and preferred channels
  • The price limit that roasters are willing to pay for coffee, regardless of quality
  • Trends for the year and areas of growth in 2021

Watch the panel discussion about the key report outcomes at LCFV

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