Cooperativa De Cafetaleros Del Norte Del Valle CAFENORTE

Gruppe Kolumbien
  Verfügbare Lots
UGQ 12/60
Milde Säure, Schokolade, Nussig, Mittlerer Körper
83.0 Punkte
Strahlende Säure, Apfel, Hohe Süsse, Mittlerer Körper
Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
83.0 Punkte
Frische Säure, Apfel, Fruchtig, Hohe Süsse, very_balanced, Mittlerer Körper
castilla, caturro, variedad colombia, Java
84.0 Punkte


CAFENORTE is a cooperative with around 2.000 associated Coffee families in 12 Regions of the Norte del Valle, it has been more than 50 years as a leader in the production and marketing of Coffee in the northern region of the department.

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Our main purpose is to assure the wellness of the associated Coffee families, for that reason the cooperative has created services, programs and has obtained different certificates to contribute to their quality of life. At the same time we offer to our clients traceability throughout the value chain and a life experience directly with the coffee growers, due to CAFENORTE has supervised and controlled the entire chain process since the farm until the milling or roasting.


UTZ Certified